Transform your pool summer sanctuary


For many Australians, their pool is their sanctuary – particularly in the summer and spring months. As we head towards autumn, now is a good time to think about any potential renovations that need doing in your pool area, so that it’s ready for when the warmer months roll around again.

First things first, safety:
It’s a no brainer, but the pool can be a dangerous place if you don’t have the right safety precautions put into place. The Queensland Government have a strict set of rules and regulations for pool owners to prevent drownings and other safety hazards. CPR sign looking a little worn? Pool fence in need of replacing? These things should be the first things you budget into your renovation, before you begin planning the more decorative side of things.

Get green:
Let’s face it, we go to the pool to cool down and relax. What’s more relaxing than surrounding yourself with lush greenery? The calming impact of a properly maintained, big green tree at a little distance from the pool cannot be overstated. It also can assist with privacy from prying neighbours. By installing a green wall with shrubs and plants, you can create a small, intimate cocoon like pool area.

Start accessorizing:
Outdoor furniture is one of the more functional and important item selections for renovating any outdoor area and also helps organise the space. In particular, accessory selection is one of the more personal aspects to aid in customising an outdoor or pool renovation project.
Furniture style can range from one-off bespoke built-in daybeds, to elaborate and expensive conversation pieces, to cheap-and-cheerful seating arrangements.
Think outside the box! You could incorporate outdoor bean bags, cushions and throw rugs and, together with feature homewares such as scented candles, sculpture and art, you will completely individualise your outdoor space.

Make it #LIT:
When the sun goes down, you have plenty of options to light up the area, but you could always take the lantern route to give your pool a relaxing, vintage and mysterious vibe. Investing in good outdoor lighting will help keep your summer celebrations going into the evening. LED glow balls are another fantastic night-time pool decoration. They look impressive and they also provide some lighting, killing two birds with one stone.You can also hang solar powered fairy lights around the garden during the day.

Add a spa to the mix:
Don’t want to say goodbye to your pool area in the winter months? Why not add a spa! You already have the pool, just add a spill-over spa or a stand alone spa, whichever suits your existing pool and space requirements.