VAMFF Fashion Lessons


Each year, some of the hottest influencers and celebrities revel in the ten day fashion bonanza that is VAMFF – Virgin Australia’s Melbourne Fashion Festival. Here is what they were wearing, and how you can steal their look.

Forget dresses – the power suit is back, but with a twist. Forget your average black or grey numbers – instead opt for tweeds, oversized fits, a jacket that wraps up instead of buttons up and mid length pants! Whilst some of the suit options are not appropriate for the office, there are many ways you can custom your power suit to go from the office to after 5 drinks.

Oh tartan, how we love thee. Once reserved for the work wardrobe, VAMFF taught us that this humble print will slowly creep into our fun wardrobe also. With big brands like Manning Cartell and Mossman donning the trend, you may be surprised at just how cute and fun this print can be.

Once upon a time, there was such thing as too much denim (except to the Canadians, who wholeheartedly embraced excessive denim). Miranda Kerr in Acler is proof that denim on denim can look hot by choosing more tailored and tight fitting pieces.

80s + 90s REVIVAL
Oscar Wilde once said: ““Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months.” What he didn’t mention however, is that us humans love to recycle fashion – and this Autumn/Winter season is no different. From big chunky sneakers right through to puffy shoulders, baggy pants, excessive animal print and fluro colours, you could basically raid your closet from 20-30 years ago and look identical to some of the influencers at this year’s VAMFF.

A subtle trend that hasn’t gone unnoticed with me is the resurgence of thicker belts worn around the waist, particularly adorned with an eye catching buckle. This trend is great for a couple of reasons, namely that it is cheap to introduce to your wardrobe and it can give the illusion of an hourglass figure since it cinches in your waist. Brilliant!

At VAMFF we saw no in-between – everyone was either donned in neutrals like beiges, creams or whites, or strikingly bold in hues of violet, burnt orange or highlighter style shades. However, what was missing from the usual Autumn/Winter trope was black! Gone are the days where colder weather means dull, dark dressing – and we love that.

(Image Credit: Marie Claire Magazine)