Wellbeing in Focus This Mental Health Week


‘It ain’t weak to speak.’ That’s the message Ipswich residents are being reminded of during Mental Health Week. Beginning Monday, the 9th October, several organisations, schools and businesses will be hosting events across the region to enhance the communities awareness on the importance of a healthy mindset. Championing the cause is Headspace Ipswich, who have provided some important tips on achieving a balanced lifestyle for mental wellness.

Get enough sleep
Getting enough sleep is good for your brain and body, and helps you feel energised, stay focused and protect your mental health.

Keep learning
Setting goals and learning new things can be a fun way to boost your confidence. Here are a few ideas:

  • read a book or the news
  • sign up for a class that interests you
  • cook your favourite food
  • learn a new language.

Feeling connected to others is an essential part of being human. Plan a catch-up with friends, remind someone that you are grateful to have them in your life or cuddle your pet. Getting involved with volunteer work that you care about, hobbies, clubs or committees, sports or a safe online community can also help you feel connected and meet new people.

Eat well
Eating well can improve your mood, energy levels and general health and wellbeing. Fill up on good food (like veggies, fruit and whole grains) and drink plenty of water to give your body and brain all the power it needs to function well.

Stay active
Keeping fit and staying active can help you to sleep better, manage stress and boost your mood. Walk or take the stairs when you can, start doing some morning stretches, ride your bike instead of catching the public transport or find a sport or physical activity that you enjoy and make a plan to do it regularly.

Join Headspace Ipswich in partnership with the Ipswich City Council for Diversify – a Multicultural Showcase held on October 11, 5:30pm at Studio 188 during Mental Health Week. Watch some talented young people perform, enjoy free food and drink all whilst getting important information on mental health. For details, search Headspace Ipswich on Facebook or call 3280 7900.